CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe stands with people of all backgrounds to promote a Europe of diversity and respect. A Jewish voice at European level, our activities include delivering diversity education, enhancing interfaith and intercultural dialogue, while advocating in the EU against antisemitism and discrimination of all kinds.


Following the unrest in Ferguson last summer, Dr. Marcia Chatelain of Georgetown University, asked professors who used Twitter to talk about Ferguson and to use #FergusonSyllabus to recommend texts, collaborate on conversation starters, and inspire dialogue about some aspect of the Ferguson crisis. Slowly high school teachers, early education specialists, guidance counselors, and middle-school instructors wanted ideas too. #ParisPedagogiques is inspired by #FergusonSyllabus and refers to the barbaric recent events in Paris. Paris is also a play with 'pari', a bet or challenge. #ParisPedagogiques equips teachers with practical resources prevent and confront racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia in all its forms. Scroll down for resources and to see who is using the hashtag and how on Twitter and elsewhere.

Contribute your ideas by including #ParisPedagogiques in your tweets, status updates, blog entries...!

Verhuizen naar Israël doe je uit liefde, niet uit angst

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Antisemitisme. De terreuraanslagen in Parijs, Brussel en Kopenhagen vestigen de aandacht op een breder probleem: het groeiende antisemitisme in Europa. Maar dat is voor Europese Joden nog geen reden om massaal naar Israël te verhuizen.
Eerst Brussel, toen Parijs en nu ook Kopenhagen. Binnen acht maanden waren in Europa drie dodelijke terreuracties tegen Joodse doelen, die in totaal negen levens eisten. En dan was er nog de aanval op een Joodse school in Toulouse, in 2012, waarbij drie kinderen en een rabbijn omkwamen.

Facing Facts! gives significant boost to the cooperation among civil society, government and international organisations to combat hate crimes in Europe

Facing Facts Forward

Brussels 5th March 2015
Eighty-five representatives of civil society, governments, law enforcement, national prosecution offices and international organisations from 19 European countries convened in Brussels for the two-day "Facing Facts Forward - European Conference for a victim centered approach to tackling hate crimes

The conference aimed to identify practical steps to foster and stimulate long lasting partnership among the key stakeholders to improve national monitoring systems and to encourage victims to report.

Press release: CEJI appeals to European political leaders to visit synagogues in reaction to terror

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CEJI condemns the deadly attacks in Copenhagen this weekend, against the synagogue and against the free speech forum at a café. This double punch approach to terrorism copies that which occurred in Paris last month with the attacks at Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher supermarket. It highlights that anti-Semitism is infused with extremist ideologies which aim to destroy the values of democracy, diversity and human rights.

CEJI Director quoted in Italy's most read news magazine 'Panorama'

CEJI Director quoted in Italian magazine 'Panorama'

In reaction to the news that Portugal has decided to grant citizenship to descendants of persecuted Jews - a legal change which means that Sephardic Jews, whose ancestors were expelled in the 15th century, can now apply for dual nationality, Italian news magazine Panorama ran a piece that quoted CEJI Director Robin Sclafani:

International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2015 - photo gallery

Facing Facts! Foward - European Conference 2015

3-4 march 2015, Brussels
Building on the success of the past four years, Facing Facts! is happy to announce its new phase: Facing Facts Forward! This new phase will include, among the other things, a European Conference in Brussels on the subject of recording and reporting of hate crimes.

Debating Europe: Should people keep their religious beliefs private?

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According to Eurobarometer, 77% of EU citizens consider themselves to be religious. Catholics are by far the largest religious group in the EU, accounting for 48% of all Europeans, while Protestants make up 12% and Eastern Orthodox Christians make up 8%. Taken together, agnostics and atheists account for 23%, while Muslims (the largest non-Christian religious group) represent 2% of the EU population.

Generate – For a Jewish Life Built On Everyone’s Contribution!

Generate – For a Jewish Life Built On Everyone’s Contribution!

Do you want to enable people to seize their potential of contribution to Jewish life?
Do you want to develop your skills as a facilitator and trainer, so that you can more effectively transmit knowledge?
And do you want to have concrete opportunities to work with Jewish groups, inspiring them to become active contributors to their community?
Then Generate is your chance!

At Generate, you will:

Holocaust Memorial Day speech by CEJI President, Baron Alain Philippson

Baron Alain Philippson

The following is the opening speech by Baron Alain Philippson, President of CEJI - A Jewish Conribution to an Inclusive Europe, at a special event in Brussels to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The speech was delivered on 27 January 2015, International Holocaust Memorial Day:


Upcoming activities

Generate – For a Jewish Life Built On Everyone’s Contribution!

Generate – For a Jewish Life Built On Everyone’s Contribution!

| 07/05/2015 - 11:30 | Budapest
A Classroom of Difference (TM)

A Classroom of Difference

| 10/05/2015 - 11:00 | Prague, Czech Republic
Reconciling Religion, Gender & Sexual Orientation

Reconciling Religion, Gender & Sexual Orientation

| 17/05/2015 (All day) | Brussels, Belgium
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