CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe stands with people of all backgrounds to promote a Europe of diversity and respect. A Jewish voice at European level, our activities include delivering diversity education, enhancing interfaith and intercultural dialogue, while advocating in the EU against antisemitism and discrimination of all kinds.

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Reconciling Religion, Gender & Sexual Orientation

Reconciling Religion, Gender & Sexual Orientation

| 28/09/2014 (All day) | Brussels
Overcoming Islamophobia & Overcoming Antisemitism

Overcoming Islamophobia & Overcoming Antisemitism

| 19/10/2014 (All day) | Brussels
Confronting Discrimination: Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills

| 28/10/2014 (All day) | Brussels


Brüssel, Gott und die EU - In der europäischen Politik mischen auch Christen, Juden und Muslime mit. Arbeiten sie zusammen, um Einfluss auf die EU-Politik zu nehmen?

Gemeinsam sind wir stark. Aus dieser Einsicht heraus verfassten jüdische, muslimische und christliche Gemeinden in Belgien eine gemeinsame Erklärung gegen das umstrittene Gesetz zur Sterbehilfe für Kinder. Gibt es ähnliche Kooperationen über einzelne Länder hinaus auch auf EU-Ebene? Brüssel, so heißt es, sei die Stadt mit den meisten Lobbyisten weltweit. Da liegt der Gedanke nahe, dass auch die abrahamitischen Religionen zusammenarbeiten, um sich Gehör zu verschaffen. Doch ist das tatsächlich so? Ein Besuch in Brüssel offenbart so einiges.

European Commission report highlights Belieforama as good practice

Belieforama, our award-winning suite of Religious Diversity and Anti-discrimination training programmes, and EVALORED, a project to maximise the potential impact and
dissemination of these new training modules trans-nationally, cross-sector, and inter-community, have been featured in a European Commission publication as examples of good practice
Some specific examples of longer-term impact reported by participants are highlighted as follows:

CEJI featured in RAI TV documentary

Over the summer, RAI TV - Italy's national public broadcasting company - visited CEJI during a special workshop on Antisemitism, which was organized some weeks after the attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels. They filmed the workshop and interviewed our director, Robin Sclafani:

CEJI coming soon on TV

CEJI coming soon on TV
It's never boring in CEJI! Today we had an awareness workshop on overcoming antisemitism with old and new trainees and the Italian TV came to visit us!

Anti-Semitism and the Future of Europe

This weekend in the heart of Europe has been a stark and symbolic reminder of what is at stake for the future of social cohesion in this grand and visionary project of the European Union.
On the eve of European and Belgian elections, a gunman opened fire in the Jewish Museum of Brussels, killing 4 people. It is probably the worst incident of anti-semitic hate crime seen in Belgium since WWII.

The European Union was born in the aftermath of World War II and the Holocaust with the purpose of sustaining peaceful relations in a land which had been twice torn apart by war in the first half of the 20th century. There was a general shock in the self-realisation of how much anti-semitic complicity enabled Hitler to enact his genocidal mission against the Jewish people, with Roma, homosexuals, disabled people also victims in his crusade. Remorse was translated into a sense of political and public responsibility.
CEJI’s Director Robin Sclafani says,

”I hope they can finally hear the alarm this time for what is a wake-up call that has been snoozed too many times already.”

CEJI urges our Belgian and European political representatives to implement the following measures:

  • Adequate European wide security measures for vulnerable Jewish institutions and buildings. This need is more pressing than ever and it is a responsibility of the state to keep its people safe.
  • Comprehensive hate crime monitoring which is a crucial part of the process of understanding, preventing and responding to anti-semitism and other forms of bias motivated violence.
  • Obligatory educational curriculum against anti-Semitism, racism and all forms of hatred which is absolutely essential to give room to the many cultures and religions in Europe.


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