Jewish anti-hate crime effort launches with support of EU, social media | The Jerusalem Post

Noting a correlation between hateful discourse online and actual hate crime the initiative seeks to help law-enforcement professionals and civil-society organizations better counter hate speech.

An initiative to fight hate crime was launched on Monday evening at the Google offices in Brussels. The project is a collaboration between the European Commission, social media giants Twitter and Facebook and Jewish NGO CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe.

PRESS RELEASE: United against hate crime: European law enforcment agencies and social media companies join forces to tackle hate speech

There is an emerging correlation between hateful discourse, which circulates quickly online, and hate crime - which includes harassment, vandalism and violence.EU member states are now accountable for recording bias-motivated crimes 1 and ensuring that victims have access to justice. The European Commission and IT companies have recognised the echo chamber provided by the internet in amplifying the spread of hate in society, resulting in the recently agreed Code of Conduct which should see a more effective response to take down and prosecute criminal hate speech online.


CEJI 25 anniversary tree


CEJI has a unique capacity to understand the complexity of racism in Europe and fosters authentic cooperation between key players coming from different backgrounds.”

Samia Hathroubi, Director of Development, Coexister

PRESS RELEASE: United against hate crime: European law enforcment agencies act to tackle hate speech

Facing all the Fact press conference and CEJI's 25th anniversary

Press release 24 November 2016 - Launch Event with First Vice President Frans Timmermans on 5th December 2016. Join us for the launch of the first-of-its-kind online training course to monitor hate crime and counter hate speech.

First Vice President Frans Timmermans will be speaking about the European Commission’s approach to deal with the most burning issues of hate crime and hate speech. The press conference will take place between 16h – 17h, after which you are invited for drinks and networking until 18h.

Insights & Trends in Antisemitic Online Hate Speech

Get the Trolls Out

From September 2015 to July 2016, Get the Trolls Out! countered antisemitic speech in Europe through creative education, inclusive journalism, satire, and fact-based messages. How did we do it? Our media monitoring has been the basis of response actions taken by all of the wonderful partners in this project, such as cartoons, complaints, articles, videos, radio shows and theatre performances. We debunked false myths, ridiculed antisemites, exposed their lies, and showed the harm of hate speech.

Letter to the editor of the New York Times

By New York Times (New York Times) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps you have become numb to terrorist attacks that target Jewish people. We read Andrew Higgins' report in the Times, from the scene of the Nice mass-murder. The article states: "This was not a military base, or a guarded government building. It was simply a crowd celebrating in the street. Like the fans at the Bataclan, gunned down in Paris during a concert; or the newspaper staff of Charlie Hebdo; or the people blown up outside the airport in Turkey."