Facing Facts! Guidelines for Monitoring of Hate Crimes and Hate Motivated Incidents

Collecting data, analysing it and reporting on hate crime can provide communities and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) with a powerful tool with which to present their concerns to government, law enforcement, media and others. Credible data provides the facts needed to advocate for improved public policies to prevent and combat hate crime as well as for services that respond to the needs of victims of hate crime and hate-motivated incidents.

Letter of protest against Jobbik signed by 150 Members of Parliament from over 30 countries

A letter signed by more than 150 Members of Parliament from over 30 countries was sent today to the President, the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Parliament of Hungary. This letter is a response to the antisemitic statement made in Parliament by Márton Gyöngyösi, member of the Jobbik party, where he called for a listing of all Jews in Government and Parliament as they would pose a security risk to the country.


'Religion and Belief, Discrimination and Equality: A Decade of Change?'

Workshops at the University of Derby During the last three years the University of Derby have been researching how people's views of unfair treatment on the basis of religion or belief may have changed over the last decade. It is hoped that the findings will ultimately influence policies, practices and laws. You are invited you to a free workshop to discuss our preliminary project findings as we seek to engage with an even wider range of practitioners from Religion and Belief, Voluntary and Community, Public, Private and Legal sectors.